QDJ1409E-P Starter for Yunnei YN490 YN27 Xinchai 490BPG SHA5111

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Forklifts, loaders, Diesel generators, Light trucks and more


Yunnei YN490 YN27, Xinchai 490BPG A490BPG C490BPG 4D27G31

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Details About QDJ1409E-P Starter for Yunnei YN490 YN27 Xinchai 490BPG SHA5111

Starter model: QDJ1409E-P

SPEC: 12V 3.5KW

Part number: SHA5111, 490B-51000

Engine: Yunnei YN490 YN27, Xinchai NB485BPG 490BPG A490BPG C490BPG 4D27G31 A495BPG 

Application: Forklifts, Loaders, Diesel generators, Light truck, Tractors.

About Yunnei Diesel Engine


Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a joint-stock listed company established by Yunnan internal combustion engine factory as the sole sponsor in the form of social fund-raising. So far, it has been engaged in the development and production of diesel engines for more than 60 years. The company is a leading enterprise in China’s auto parts and engine industry.

In 2001, the company acquired Chengdu internal combustion engine general factory and established Chengdu Yunnei Power Co., Ltd., which mainly produces 490 and 495 series diesel engines and natural gas engines. Taking the sub center of the national gas vehicle engineering technology research center as the platform, the company will build a national natural gas engine development base. In 2013, the company invested and established Shandong Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. and built Yunnei Shandong base, mainly developing off-road diesel engines.

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