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4L22 4L23, K15, KM130 138, KM160, KM385 485, KM495

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Details About Laidong engine parts connecting rod for tractor light truck

Engine: Laidong KM15 KM130 KM138 KM169 KM495 KM495 4D30GB 4D30YB 4L22 4L23 KM385 KM485

Application: Tractors, Forklifts, Diesel generators, Light truck and more.

About Laidong Diesel Engine

Shandong Huayuan laidong internal combustion engine Co., Ltd. was established in 1943. Production of internal combustion engines started in 1953; the company was established as a joint venture with China Huayuan Group in 1997. The company has strong product development and manufacturing capabilities, and has formed “two series” of product development and manufacturing pattern, namely, single-cylinder diesel engine series and small bore multi-cylinder series diesel engines. The main products of single-cylinder diesel engine series are 1105, 1110, 1115, LD24, KM130, KM138, LD26, LD28, KM160, LD30, KM173, KM186 and other 12 varieties and more than 150 models with power from 12hp to 34hp and annual production capacity of 100,000 units; the main products of multi-cylinder diesel engine series are LL380, LL480, KM385, KM485, 3T30, KM390, 4L22, 4L23, D496, 3L16CF, 4L18CF, 4L22CF, KM4100, KM4102, K15 and other 34 varieties and more than 300 models, with power ranging from 16hp to 120hp.

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